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Written by QueenaBelle on 15. Oct, 2018
Excellent site web. Very interesting !

Written by Jack "Jockey" Fordyce on 30. Mar, 2018
I was a member of 36 Squadron RAAF and we flew tasks for British and Malaysian MoD's that have never been disclosed. Our Unit has not been recognised for relocating Gurkhas to Kuching, Australians from Malacca, Green Jackets to Lahad Datu, Malay Field Force from Ipoh to Tawau and other trips to Borneo.

Written by Jack "Jockey" Fordyce on 13. Jan, 2018
I flew on operations with 36 Squadron Hercs to Borneo during Indonesian Confrontation but as our Flight Authorization Books have been lost nobody remembers us being there.

Written by Anne on 30. Jul, 2016
I discovered many new things from your website. Thank you for this!

Written by EDWIN(eddie) BARTON on 7. Jun, 2016
For all those members of the AUSTRALIAN ARMED FORCES that served in Malaya during the Emergency it still remains the longest single conflict we have had. Other conflicts have occurred since then with recognition openly shown throughout the country. Before there becomes that time when there are none of the vets from the 50/61 era left it would be great that their recognition for services rendered took the formalities of a formal ceremony so as to truly thank those
who still remain for their contribution in serving their country with dignity and honour.
Yes I was a serving member of 1 RAR in Malaya 59/61 with SUPPORT coy mg platoon at the Lintang compound out some distance from one of our other companies stationed in sungei seput. SUPPORT coy in due course moved camp and ends up at the military forward dispersal camp for jungle operations at GRIK ( GERIK). Stayed there until operations ceased then prior to returning to AUSTRALIA and ending up at HOLDSWORTHY barracks NSW, moved to british army barracks on the island PENANG of the malaya peninsular opposite BUTTERWORTH (RAAF). The amount of vets still remaining prior to my tour of duty must be shrinking. I am going on 77 this year. Would love to see a 'formal ceremony' take place in Australia to recognise not only that era and why took place but those that served their. Those that are still around, hang in and keep fighting.

Written by M. Müller on 31. Dec, 2014
I wish you all the best from chatting Berlin in Germany. Happy new Year!

Written by Gerry Coret on 16. May, 2012
Verry good.. Lest we forget.
Regards Gerry Coret 5RAR Vietnam

Written by Doreen Barton on 15. Apr, 2012
Hi My name is Doreen Barton & the last time we were in Singapore we visited Changi & it was a very moving experience which had me in tears I was only 12 years old when world war 2 ended so we didn't really know what went on over there eyes

Written by Keith Bettany on 15. Jan, 2012
A new website dedicated to Des Bettany who served during WWII and was imprisoned at Changi. This artwork of his service life before and after the Capitulation of Singapore is a range of fascinating illustrations, done sometimes with humour.
This new website has been put together by Des’ family as a tribute and to help raise awareness of what the POWs went through, as seen through the eyes of one man, Des Bettany.
The site can be found at
Remember the 70th Anniversary of the Fall of Singapore is on February 15th 2012.

Written by JooEe Lee on 18. Sep, 2011
Hi, got this message from a Malaysian friend living in France.
"Colin and Kath, our English friends here have 2 days stop-over in KL en-route to NZ in Oct. Colin used to serve in the British army stationed at Ipoh. They are going to take a taxi KL to Ipoh to see the ‘old’ barrack, etc. Question: is there anyone they can contact to show them around, ie tourist info, or the likes of army/society for old veterans visits? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated."

Written by jamilkucing on 26. Jun, 2011
Hai there my friends Mr Ken McNeill it me jamilthecatman

Written by Peter on 26. Oct, 2010
Nice webpage I just came across here!, many good fine and fun things here :-) Keep on the good work.

Written by John Trott on 4. Feb, 2010
Hi All, Congratulations on getting the Website up and going, you can take credit for a very good job.

Your Indonesian Confrontation, is excellent. All to often the accounts of the Konfrontasi Conflict have been deliberately downplayed, resulting in very few of the actions seeing the light of day.
To date I have recorded from Official Files over 40 such Naval Incidents, similar in nature to those in your article.
Best wishes to Tas Inc. members from Qld. Inc members.
We are already making the 2 new Websites far better than the one we were excluded from.
(see: NSW & Qld Website:

Regards to All ..........

Yours Aye
John Trott
Qld. Inc. Committee

Written by Pete Jones on 20. Jan, 2010
Looking forward to catching up with some of you ANZUK types that kicked us ex Poms out of Malaysia/Singers in 1971. Nice page too Ken.


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I served in the RAF in FEAF Changi 1952-53 as Command Public Relation Photographer and have a large collection of B&W photographs taken during this period

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Served with royal greenjacketes 62 to 65 in Malaya and Borneo

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